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HFS Races: Faunus is a set of custom morphs, textures and Horns props for genesis, perfect to create faun and satyr characters!

All the morphs are carefully sculpted in zbrush. All textures (diffuse, specular, bump and displacement map) are made in zbrush and photoshop.

The set included:
– 6 custom morphs!!
– 5 morph presets + 1 reset morphs preset
– 2 horns smart props
– 2 skin color
– 6 eye colors + 3 eye reflections
– 2 lashes options
– 2 inner mouth
System Requirements: PC/MAC, DAZ Studio 4.5 or upper

Needed Files: Genesis base figure (included in DS4).

Usage Tips or Limitations:
This products may share some texture files with other of my products. If during the installation you find some jpg files with same name of files from other hfs products, you can replace with the newer ones, there’s no problem.
Morphs tips: Face morphs: The “Face Fix” morph is used fix the face details when mixing with other head morphs (like V5, M5 etc.).



HFS Races: Faunus Hair & Fur
Cheyenne Bundle


  1. Profile photo of Makon


    August 2, 2013

    Thanks. But this appears to be a copy of the Faunus fur files only. No morps or textures are in this archive that I could find.

  2. Profile photo of Serkan


    August 2, 2013

    Thanks but As Makon stated before this is a copy of fur and hair.

  3. Profile photo of Nick


    August 2, 2013

    Sorry my fault… I’m uploading the corrected file now…

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