HFS More Than Human: Cybernetic Agent

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The era of informatics, cybernetics and bionics, the new science of human augmentation. In this time, the evolution of technologies can no longer be regulated, and new dangerous weapons began to circulate among criminals. Consequently, law enforcement and security forces started to train a new generation of special agents, to fight technology with technology.

HFS Cybernetic Agent is a set of conforming outfit and weapons that allow you to turn genesis into a Special Cybernetic Agent!
The outfit is designed to match perfectly with the HFS “More Than Human” set, but can work greatly by its own

The set include:
– Boots
– Pants
– Holster
– Tactical vest
– Magazine pouches
– Cybernetic arm-blades
– Combat rifle + silencer
– Handgun + silencer
– 3 complete texture styles for the outfit


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PHCNatural : SAV Khione

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