HeroMorph pack 2

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The collection consists of:

  • 3D Freak – 5 Beach Shots
  • 3D Freak – 5 Free Mountain and Ocean Backgrounds
  • 3D Freak – 5 Plant and Planet
  • 3D Freak – real Water
  • 18 Eyes for G2 James
  • 70’s Wildstar Uniform for M4 by shanei1
  • BluBeetle3’s CopPack #1
  • Dark Sorceress V4 HiRez by PJZ99
  • Derek Wildstar Helmet from Starblazers for M4 by shanei1
  • Double Helix conforming dress for V4 by PJZ99
  • Dyami for G2 James
  • Evil Nurse Suit
  • Fisty`s Super Villain Helmets
  • G2 Folks Zombie Poses
  • G2 Jessi butterfly tattoo
  • Green Power Battery & Ring
  • Harley’s Sleep and Swim Wear
  • Joker’s Calling Cards
  • M4 Teethmorph & Fantasy Headmorph by FantastArt
  • Meow! for V4 bodysuit and expansion
  • Nadino-Designs’ X-Verse for M4 Bodysuit
  • Nadino-Designs’ X-Verse for V4 Bodysuit
  • Powergirl Texture for V4 Bodysuit
  • She-Hulk for V4 bodysuit
  • Stormy Night
  • Teardrop Conforming Bikini for V4
  • The Buckmaster
  • Thiggity Thong Conforming Panty for V4 by PJZ99
  • V4 Darth Vexis
  • Wing pilot flightsuit for M4 by shanei1

This file has been sent by the user Desert Rat (US), thank him for it.

HeroMorph pack 1


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    Steven Thompson

    October 4, 2012

    Thank you Desert Rat I need a favor can you see if you can get content paradise giant squid, AM hyena, AM Polar Bear and Poser rattlesnake hit me back bro Because I got the venom from animals I need the rattlesnake from poser to work and the other animal for my new series I am working on called CRYPTO Thanks Bro.

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