Henrika’s Thetis and Amphitrite for V4

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Adding to my series of characters from Greek myth, Thetis and Amphitrite, two aquatic deities, are now here. Though sisters, they are as different as they come. Thetis, a slender yet alluring sylph, and Amphitrite, a luscious, full-figured goddess with, erm, child-bearing hips.
Included in this set:
-Thetis INJ & REM
-Thetis head only INJ & REM
-Thetis full MAT Shader
-5 eye color options
-6 make up options
-Thetis torso “fantasy” option
-Amphitrite INJ &REM
-Amphitrite head only INJ & REM
Amphitrite full MAT shader
-5 eye color options
-6 make up options
-Pubic hair MAT


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