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Hemavati is a beautiful woman but she likes to emphasize her beauty with sparkling jewels. She arranges her collection carefully, to match her every style.

Jewelry items have several helper actors to fit them to different characters and follow movements. Versatile set not only for oriental beauties. The several crystal, pearl and metal settings give many options for various looks.

– helping actors to follow movements
– helping actors and morphs for adjusting
– morphs for different look
– full collection presets
– material collections to apply shaders on more material zones
– single materials to change any parts

Jewellery items:

HJewel Belly – Pearl actor for movements
– crystal large
– up-down
– Front
– Large
– Side
– Rotate

HJewel Ears – Hook, Earring and Pearl actors for movements

HJewel Neck – Back, Front and Dangle helper actors for movements

– Full-up
– Full Rotate L/R
– Pendants 2 Front
– Pendants Rotate R/L
– Pendants Gravity

– Necklace Smaller
– Necklace Smallest (close around neck)

HJewel Hair – Top Crystal, Bottom Crystal, Spiral, Pearl, Left/Right Side, Left/Right Chain actors for movements and adjusting

– Chain Braid (thick chain)
– Chain Up
– Head Front
– Spiral Thick
– Spiral Thick2
– Hemavati Base (fit to Hemavati Head Shape)

HJewel Nose – Dangle, Side and Chain actors for movements and adjusting

– Ring Front
– Ring Side
– Ring Up
– Ring Down
– Ringtop Front
– Rong Front2
– Dangle Front
– Hemavati Base (fit to Hemavati head shape)

HJewel Ring (smart parented to left/right ring finger)
– adjust bottom
– adjust sides
– ring thin
– top small
– top up
– top rotate

MATERIAL Collections

– 11 full set of styles (matching collections)
– 5 gold metals
– 4 silver metals
– 6 pearl materials
– 14 gold, silver and pearl settings for pearls around stones


– 9 crystal colors in 3 different styles (for various looks)
– 7 drop materials (for drops, but may use with pearls and stones either)
– 4 stone materials (2 pearl and 2 turquoise styles)

– 11 Texture, Reflection, Bump Maps


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