Hemavati Bracelets

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This set complete your Hemavati Jewels with a bracelet creation set. There is an armband connect to Middle finger with chain and crystals to perfectly fit to Hemavati Jewels’ styles. There are also base bracelets and some preset bracelet props created with included base items.

– All items are fit to Hemavati Design and use same base materials.
– Material zones use same name as Hemavati Jewels for easily using Hemavati material presets on bracelets.
– ‘Move and parent’ pose files for Left ring (for ring, included in Hemavati Jewels)
– ‘Move and parent’ pose files for bracelets to
– left and right arms
– left and right upper arms

Jewellery items:

Bracelet with chain attach to middle finger (cr2)


– bracelet base
– stone bracelet (pearls around stone as in Hemavati Jewels)
– pearls bracelet

– 3 bracelet with crystals and/or stones
– 4 bracelet presets (props) using included bracelet parts


– RingLeft move and parent to left Middle Finger
– move and parent bracelets to Right/Left Arm
– move and parent bracelets to Right/Left Upper Arm


M4 Swordist
Martial Arts Punched Pose For Genesis Male 2 M6 Set 1

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