Helms of History for Genesis 2 Male(s)

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Three thousand years ago, in Corinth, helmets were made of cast bronze, formed in molds of sand.

Two thousand years ago, the Romans made helmets of polished steel and brass with intricate construction.

One thousand years ago, the Franks made the Calotte out of low grade steel, little more than a conical-bottomed pot over a coif or arming cap.

Nine hundred years ago, a variety of styles of Spangenhelm were used across the continent, riveted together out of plates and strips, with nasal protectors, ‘spectacles’, or both.

Six hundred years ago, archers and skirmishers in the Hundred Years’ War wore a light sallet over a coif to keep the best visibility possible while shooting.

Five hundred and forty years ago, the Barbute protected the head and face of soldiers in Italy.

All wore helmets, most wore coifs or arming caps. And now, too, can your soldiers!


Kathy for Genesis 3 Female(s)

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