head for the hills! 50 vue 6 terrains

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usage tips/limitations:

terrain detail: these are saved at a manageable resolution of 512 (increasing to 1024 more than triples the file size). a little trick you can use to get more detail is increasing the size to 1024 in the terrain editor. changing a standard resolution terrain to procedural will also increase the detail. alternately, if you have more sharp detail in a procedural terrain than you want, you can change it to a standard, which makes it a little smoother.

changing a standard to procedural terrain will sometimes appear to “squash” the terrain in the terrain editor. this is fine, the terrain will appear in your render as normal (unsquashed).

when you load the terrain it may be floating above the ground. go to edit/drop object to drop the terrain to the ground or water plane. use the shift/arrow buttons if you want to fine tune position, you’ll probably only have to tap the arrow once or twice. or you can raise the water plane the same way. this is to get the shore edges slightly submerged if you want them to show thru the transparency of the water. also, if using the default vue scene, the terrains will come in close to the camera. just select & push them back using the top view screen. to enlarge, resize the terrain by dragging on one of the corners. alternately it can be shrunk.

****flat water bug****
occasionally water will go completely grey flat when using the spectral atmosphere. to fix this, open your atmosphere editor, & select the sky, fog & haze tab. down near the bottom there’s a slider that says “aerial perspective.” slide this up a notch or 2 & the water will appear as normal (reflecting sky).

****special note for vue 6 esprit owners:

the procedural terrains in my packs should load just fine in esprit.they are usually created first as standard terrains, then converted. vue esprit will load these & resize them with no problem. please note however, a terrain which BEGINS as an vue infinite procedural terrain may require a workaround in esprit. altho it will load just fine, it may sometimes flatten & squash in the scene if resized. it will be okay if left unresized.

here is the workaround for resizing: load the terrain, do not resize it immediately. go into the terrain editor. convert it from a procedural to a standard terrain. resize the terrain in the scene. then go back into the terrain editor & change it back to a procedural. interestingly, terrains begun as procedural, then converted to standard, then back to procedural do NOT seem to require the workaround.

happy rendering!


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