HDR ProSets – Urban Storm

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This pack contains 6 separate HDRI locations in a urban setting featuring parks, roads, housing and cement pathways lined with various plant life. Each of these settings is very overcast with large clouds which add plenty of detail to your reflections while realistically lighting your scenes with 8192×4096 HDRIs made from 7 separate exposures. Along with these HDRIs are JPG diffuse maps in very high 16384 x 8192 resolution, providing the extra detail needed for accurately placing your 3D figures in these locations. Presets are included for DAZ Studio and Poser for lighting and shadow catching to match your content to the loaded skydomes, with Carrara presets for loading individual aspects allowing you to take advantage of multipass rendering. Each of these maps can easily be loaded into other programs that make use of HDRIs such as Octane Render, Lux Render, Vue or Blender.


This Product Includes:
1 DSON Core Installer
1 Poser Core Installer



DAZ Studio





Collective3d Cape Cod Style Home
Bellissima for Genesis 2 Female(s)


  1. JohnL

    March 14, 2014

    Amazing post, any chance for Carrara version?

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