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Christine Hair for V4:

The Hair contains three sets of dials within the ?Neck? or main portion of the hair. These are masters for the entire hair.
? Style ? You will find these at the top of the listing. These are for use in adjusting the style of the hair such as, beehive, bangs/sides, adjust hairline.. (Operate on a 0 to 1 setting)
? Fit ? You will find these dials below the word *FIT* in the morph listing. These are intended to adjust the fit of the hair such that it can fit around morphed characters. (Operate on -1to1 settings, mix with caution)
? Motion ? You will find these below the word *MOTION* in the morph listing. These drive hidden joints within the hair that allow for swinging and twisting motions. (Operate on degree setting. Positive Negative settings allowable but use caution in mixing and large numbers, some settings can cause poke through.)

New Morphs: HairLine-Smooth: adjusts the hairs along the peak of the scalp line to push them all into a more ordely line so it looks smoother. Sweep-ShoulderLeft and ShoulderRight: moves the hair behind the shoulder to the left or right depending on the morph. Hattie-Collar: specifically for the Hattie Madder to ease the neck of the outfit under the hair without poke through. ShawlFit: fits the shawl of Snowbride for V4 in Christine’s original release.

31 high resolution textures for the hair.

Files Courtesy of Dave Harley


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