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Sometimes, the accurate positioning of the hands can add an extra degree of realism to your character graphics and animation. Hand Grip is a posing and animation tool that provides a simple, yet flexible interface for posing either or both hands in a DAZ|Studio figure. Hand Grip is a modal animation tool, meaning it is always available, and simply waiting for you to use it. Hand Grip does not interfere with the currently selected tool, or any other Studio controls. The Hand Grip control view can be dragged and docked just like any other view, so it can be conveniently placed to be available whenever you wish to pose or animate the hands of the figures in your scene. Whenever a figure with hands and fingers is selected, you automatically have full use of Hand Grip through its control interface. You can easily pose the hands by using the radio buttons and sliders provided in the interface. When a figure with fingers is selected, the control interface automatically becomes enabled, so that the hands can be easily posed without further selection or manipulation tools being required. Any part of a figure can be selected to enable Hand Grip. Depending on which part is selected, the appropriate hand will be selected for posing. By selecting any part of the left or right arm, the corresponding hand will be selected.


Natural Bounce for V4 and A4
Poser Format Exporter (PFE)


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