Halfling Village Lighthouse 1.0 (H1V201-3DS)

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Halflings who live on the coast are thought a strange lot. Yet the small folk crave the small tastes of the east and south and must trade with the big folk to get those goods. And so one of their people must assume the responsibility of the lighthouse. Halfling Village Market is a fantasy-themed 3D model set including 3DS, Bryce 5 and Poser 5+ compatible pp2 formats. Halfling Village Lighthouse includes a 1024×1024 texture map and transparency map. To install the 3DS version, ensure that the associated texture map is in the same directory as the model. To install the pp2 version, place the product folder in the runtime/library/props/ directory. 3DS geometry has been tested with MAX 7, Vue (4, 4 Pro, 5 Esprit), Bryce 5 and Cinema 4D 8.


My Naughy Valentine - V4


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