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This package content is a highly detailed interior and exterior DodgeBF and DodgeSt for Poser.
The Zip can load the Runtime files into DS, and the ERC Dials work, but you must make your own Shaders .
The Basic DodgeBF or DodgeSt, Frt Seat, Hood Scoop (BF) Figures. The accessories such as Rear Seats, Dash,
Door Interiors, Bottom, Ect, are all Smart Props (45) with a lot of detail or Lite versions as
well. If it?s a distant shot you can leave out the door interiors, use lite seats, lite dash, under carriage etc to keep
down the polygon count for rendering. In other words ?if you can?t see it don?t use the prop or use the Lite prop?.
– Fully posable 4 figures (.cr2) for Poser 6 up.
– 45 Smart Props for changing styles.
– 73 Materials.
– 30 MATPoses..For Colors, Rain and Mud.
– All textures jpg and png for materials.
– All objects are included to be used in any 3D program that imports wavefront object type files.
ERC dials, works View/Tabs/Parameters/General/Car Parts Dials in Daz Studio.
ERC dials on the BODY, in Poser.
DodgeBF or St
“Dodge Control”
ERC Dial- Drive
ERC Dial- Steering (affects both the front wheels and steering wheel).
ERC Dial- RearWheels
ERC Dial- All4Wheels
ERC Dial- LDoor
ERC Dial- LDWindow
ERC Dial- RDoor
ERC Dial- RDWindow
ERC Dial- Tailgate
St/BF (To position seat Stock or Big Foot Dodge)
ERC Dial- SeatAdj
ERC Dial- SeatAdj2
ERC Dial- Armrest
ERC Dial- LSeatRotate
ERC Dial- RSeatRotate
ERC Dial- LFrtHeadrest
ERC Dial- RFrtHeadrest
ERC Dial- Butterfly (To Open or Close)


Dystopian Containment Chamber
The Magic Witch Hat

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