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Gun Fu: “gun ‘n’ poses” is a complete set of SubMachine Guns + full and partial body poses for Victoria 4.

Inspired by the Katagun or GunFu style, they range from dynamic to static and cool, always with attitude.

The poses are geared to be used with the included SubMachine Guns but of course you can use them with any gun you want and use the SMGs with any pose you like since grab poses for the hands are also included. You can also easily mix and match the partial ones with any other poses package you have to add the GunFu feel by using Up or ARMS-only partial poses!

– High quality, varied and original poses
– Created with the golden rules of animation and figure drawing in mind
– Solid and well-balanced, the character always shows “weight”
– Look great all around, every pose is a 360? pose set!
– PARTIAL poses make this a great resource package in your poses library
– Mix and match to customize your pose and create the best fit for you image!

Product Includes:

– R & L Submachine Guns
– 3(+1) texture styles (standard, std. urban camo, rebel, sci-fi)
– 33(+4) Full body poses
– 108 partial body poses:
– 37 partial top body poses
– 35 partial bottom body poses
– 36 partial arms-only poses
– r&l submachine gun grab poses


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    Stefan Miller

    March 28, 2013

    Thanks Hounddog, the poses look great

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    March 28, 2013

    cool poses…thank you Hound”

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    March 28, 2013

    really nice poses…thanks so much Hounddog 🙂

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