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This new motions & props set is currently the only solution available for creating realistic guitar and bass animations for DAZ’s Michael 4.
The pack utilizes full body motion capture sequences, and motion and key framed static, and animated poses for the arms and hands, making it easy to create custom guitar and bass playing animations.
The highly detailed Fender guitar and bass props are supplied in pre-rigged .pz3 files, and are ready to go for character and pose loading.The motion capture body sequences can be used with either the guitar or bass rig. There are static and motion arm and hand poses for both the guitar and bass.
Included Content
Highly detailed and richly textured Fender Telecaster & Precision bass props with posable figure straps. Each is supplied in a pz3 file and is pre-positioned and ready for figure and pose loading.
17 motion capture sequences for Michael 4.
They come with the same default key framed arms and hands motion, and are meant to be used with the guitar and bass rigs.
Static and motion poses for the arms and hands are loaded onto these providing limitless creative possibilities.
These will work with any DAZ M4 based figure including Victoria 4.
(Note: The arms and hand static and motion poses have been created using M4 and will need some minor adjustment to work with V4.)
16 motion capture and key framed sequences for the arms and hands for both the guitar and bass player.
8 Static poses for the arms and hands for both the guitar and bass player.
5 Static full body poses for positioning the M4 figure for use with the guitar and bass rigs.

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