Guardians of the Dead for Scorpion God

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In Ancient Egypt, the Gods and Goddesses would guard and protect the people in both life and death, vicariously through their unique capabilities. Bearing the heads of animals (like the jackal and the falcon) each one had their own special powers and story to tell. Whether they were born of the Evil God Seth and became a guardian of the scales, or fought him in an 80 year war and emerged an ultimate victor, the Guardians of Egypt were powerful, and revered.

This set has five MATs for Scorpion God, representing these Guardians of the Dead: Anubis – God of the Dead and keeper of the scales, Ra – King of the Gods and father of creation, Horus – God of the sky and protector of Egypt, Sobek – Guardian of the Nile and patron of the army, and Thoth – God of Knowledge and Magic.

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