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Grym is a real troll, descending from the original neanderthal tribe inhabiting the Norwegian Trollheimen (Trolls home) mountains up t- Viking age. They kept out of sight from the Hom- Sapiens living nearby, except for an occasional night trip t- the human’s villages t- capture a child and maybe a cow, which were considered by the Trolls as the Haut Cuisine of that period. (Nowadays they prefer a lo-fat burger.) During the feasts on children and/or cows (they used the cows for desert, and for an unknown reason, only the left backleg), they sang the typical Troll chants, which is adopted by certain US hiphop musicians of current time.

Anyhow, their nightly appearance and the terrible sound of their music were the basis for the Troll mythology, that lives on even today.

Grym left the Trollheimen mountains as a young trolster, and the last 50 years earned his living driving taxi in Oslo. One period he was employed as a doorman in the famous beer disc- “Dovregubbens Hall*”, but was fired after three weeks when his manager caught him eating the DJ.

However, mostly he behaves well, and will be pleased t- take a role in your renders. But remember: he is a Troll, and will always be a Troll, s- keep him well fed and out of reach from your children and small pets.

*)Dovregubben was maybe the most famous troll of Gryms tribe. The beer disco, however, has nothing t- d- with him. Even if some people say that he was a frequent guest there in the ’80’s, and other even claim he founded the place, this is not true. He died of indigestion in March 813 ad, after eating a herd of cows and their sheperd.


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