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GRUNGE-O-MATIC is a collection of shaders/material presets for DAZ Studio that can help make your digital creations less pristine; great for those times when you need a banged-up or time-weary world. The materials can be applied to just about any surface — clothing, props, figures, etc — so mix ’em up and experiment a little. The set includes three groups of metallic color shader presets that use generic reflection maps. The first covers the traditional golds, silvers, and copper/bronzes. Some of those are practical and more plain, others fancier and a bit…alien. The second set includes solid colors and the third offers up multi-hued metallic colors for your more fantastical creations. There are 20 distressed/damaged texture effects, including scratches, gouges, crackelure, and general surface pitting and bumpiness. The color shaders can be used with or without the grunge presets, but some of the more exotic-colored ones work much better with even just a little bump and/or displacement.
Utility presets are included to adjust Bump/Displacement and Opacity values, as well as an option for a darker reflection map value. A second help file, in html format, is included.
This set — and its sister products Bump-O-Matic and Transmap-O-Matic — is intended to help add variety to existing products or provide a working alternative for those with Poser-only material settings. These presets should work on most everything in your runtime, but no guarantees that they’ll work perfectly on every one of them.


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