Ground cover Collection (Vue 7+)

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The Groundcover Collection Includes:
6 Clover, 2 flowering
4 Flowers
11 Grasses
7 Small Plants
12 Weeds
10 Weed group clusters

Includes a size comparison chart and ecosystem size ratio conversions, found on the last page of the PDF reference guide.

The following plant species are included with Vue Infinite and xStream.
The following “official” plant species are required to use this collection:
Acacia Tree Seedling Alocasia Bamboo Bush 1 Crawling
Ficus Foeniculum Lily of the Valley Long Grass
Primrose Red Flowers Small Grassfield Plant Small Grassfield Plant 3
Sorrel Vitex Angus Castus
* The Botanica Module is also required for Esprit users.
* This collection is NOT compatible with Vue Pioneer.


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