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Not all stories from the land of Grimm have made it to the storybooks of yore…

Take the stormy tale of Priness Tempesta and the Mariner’s Heart. Long ago in lands not much remembered lived a wild and wonton Princess, whose father locked in a tower of shells upon a distant island in the stormiest of seas.
She was a wild and willful creature who needed “Taming” as he father claimed. “The wind and the storms will help calm that child” he proclaimed as he locked the iron lock on the door of the tower made of shells.

For five long years she fussed and fumed in that tower, all the time the sea was wrought with storms the like no man had ever seen. Knowing that something had to be done, a simple sailor decided that he had to free the stormy princess! So he took off in the strongest boat that remained in the harbor. For days and days he battled against the waves and the wakes. Thunder-spouts and lightning danced in the air to howling and booming music of their own making.

Steadfast he remained and made it ashore. The sea seems to calm as he made his way up to the tower made of shells. Taking the lock in his hand, he used a workman’s hammer to smash the mighty lock that had been weakened by the salt and the storms. “You are free Princess!” He called to her as he ran up the stairs to her little room in the tower. He threw open the door and their eyes met… “Thanks” she said as she walked pass him and down the stairs…. “Oh DADDY!”

1 set of high resolution textures for the Ava Adore package.

The Tempest: red brocade, brown embossed leather, metallic lace and embroidery.

The textures in this set were specifically designed to have “mix and match-ability” with the Red Riding Hood textures from the entirety of the Grimm Stitches line.

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Ava Adore


OBLIQUE for Ava Adore by Alfaseed
FW Dolores for Victoria 5 - Poser compatible


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