Grane the Winged Horse

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They sail into battle on gleaming wings, steel hooves beating the air. Their riders, the choosers of the slain, urge them on to the battlefields where wait the Einherjar, warriors who have faced death with valor and honor.

Grane? is the name given to the majestic white horses of the Valkyries. These magnificent steeds, warriors in their own right, have sped the fallen to their reward since the beginning of time.

This new add-on pack for the Millennium Horse includes conforming wings that use the Songbird ReMix technology. This technology allows the wings to fold and show great detail and accuracy in flight poses and animation using its four separate control points on each wing. Included are the Grane? horse and wing texture maps by the noted equine artist, CWRW and additional wing texture matches by Ken Gilliland for most of the DAZ 3D textures in the Millennium Horse Bundle and Unicorn sets.

This product requires:?Millennium Horse Bundle?,??Millennium Horse?,??LnL Ultimate Horses 2?,?LnL Ultimate Horses 1?,??LB Fantasy Unicorns

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