Gordana’s Textures & Scenes set for DAZ Portrait Studio Props

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The base of this set are the textures for DAZ Portrait Studio Props. I wanted to make a set which will allow easy and complete scene creation, so I’ve added 3 background images (created and rendered in Bryce), with matching floor textures for each set. As a “special touch”, there is a little bonus, a vase model, with matching textures for each set as well. With all that, in just a few clicks, you can get three different, richly textured, attractive and eye-catching scenes for your characters. I hope you enjoy using this set as much as I did making it. The whole set includes: – 6 drape textures (1500 x 1500) – 3 column textures (1000 x 2000) – 3 background images (1500 x 1125) – 3 floor textures (1024 x 1024) – 3 vase textures (1024 x 1024) – vase model (.obj file)


Sumptuous Settings Background Set
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