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Looking for a way to fill out the body count in your action renders? Do you find your texture collection too clean to make a good corpse? Round out your set with these ‘Good as Dead’ textures, suitable to fit all your death like needs. Zombies, corpses, vampires and victims.
Meet ‘Undead’, the cleanest of our gruesome team. Death tries but cannot reach this immortal. His skin shines transparently with many layers of detail hinting at his ancient origins.
‘Sunburn’, ever wonder what happens when you stand too close to a nuclear reactor? Or has your favorite vampire decided to take a tropical vacation? This texture will leave you longing for an ice pack, to cool the wounds.
‘Maggot’, the name says it all. This fellow has really gotta get down into a grave somewhere.
‘Sure Shot, It doesn’t pay to be in the wrong place during a drive-by shooting. Many wounds puncture this texture, making him popular at many crime scenes.
‘Whip-N-Slash’, Beaten and broken some people just wont back down. Enflamed by passions that go beyond human reason, this texture can reflect many a tortured soul.
Note: The detail of the wounds in these textures are accurate down to the surface bruising, however there is no blood detail included, as this would best be added during post work due to the fact that those patterns tend to reflect the pose the character is used in.

M3 Reaper
Dark Mistress for SP Dark Elves Slayers


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    November 28, 2012

    aadtqka: There are versions now availabe (gunshot and plague) for M4/Genesis on the DS site.

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