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The Golden Hind was a ship best known for its global
circumnavigation between 1577 and 1580,captained
by Sir Francis Drake. It was originally known
as the Pelican and was renamed in mid-voyage 1577
by Drake as he prepared to enter the Straits of Magellan.
He rechristened the ship the Golden Hind in a political
gesture, to compliment his patron, Sir Christopher
Hatton, whose armorial crest was a golden hind .
Masts: 3
Hull: wooden
Hull dimensions (estimated):
Length: 70 ft (21,3 m)
Breadth: 19 ft (5,8 m)
Depth: 9 ft (2,7 m)
Crew compliment: 80-85
Armaments: 12 guns
Load: ca. 150 tons (136 tonnes)
This package contains
high detailed model in obj,3ds,lwo format (258000 quads ,20000 triangles,306000 points)
and over 58 hand-painted texture maps.
(most of them are tileable ,so can be used for other projects)
Contains 2 version of sails ( ‘ in wind ‘ and ‘collapsed’)


Guilty pleasure 2
Golden Hind


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    May 12, 2013

    @ Desert Rat
    No, obviously not the same model. This one (From KAOL) is only in obj.-Format and must be imported into Poser or DAZ and manually scaled. It contains boths sails, full and furled, but you have to hide or unhide whar you need and requires some manual work.

    The model that was posted from Agata is a Poser-ready prop (not shure, if it works in DAZ-Studio). And it contains two models – one under full sails and one furled. Additionally there’s a model of a single cannon, a boat and a single, furled sail. And it contains some more bump-map textures than this model here.

    Both are basically the same model, but for Poser-user Agata’s upload is the one that is easier to handle.

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    May 12, 2013

    Oh sorry, have done a big mistake in my discription above. THIS ONE HERE IS THE POSER-READY VERSION. Agata’s the obj. only one.
    Sorry for messing it up, but got a bit confused while comparing.

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