Golden Age Heroes for Daz’s M4

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Do modern, overly armored superhero costumes put you off? Do you long for simpler times, when barrel-chested men donned cotton and leather outfits to go out and cure injustice with their bare hands? This set will allow you to recapture those days. With gloves, bracers, morphing boots, a bodysuit, an open faced cowl, three smart prop masks, three belts, two loose capes, a cape and cowl combo, and fibermesh conforming hair ? you can build a whole team ready to dispense rugged justice.

These detailed meshes are accompanied by a materials folder full of options to help allow you to create your ideal heroes. Cottons, leathers, shimmery fabrics and shining plastics are included in bright primary variations. These materials are all also essentially color neutral, meaning that by tweaking a few channels in the material room you can change these materials to any color you would like. To round out your options, gold and silver metals are included, as well as chainmail, fancy scale mail, starred and stripped cottons. Original texture maps can also be plugged into the diffuse channel to add patterns and emblems to the materials.

These products support Daz?s Young, Thin, Svelte, Superhero, Hiro (Bodies, not heads), Spartan, Prosaic, Jeremy, Heroic, Heavy, Emaciated, Bulk, Adonis and Bodybuilder body-types. The bodysuit also supports the rest of the various minor morphs++ tweaks to M4?s anatomy. The bodysuit also has a morph to give M4 a healthy package.

Bodysuit, boots, gloves, weightbelt, bracers, sci-fi cowl, and belt are crosstalk enabled. The capes and boxybelt must have their morphs set manually. Cowl style morphs are located in the items head, movement and fbm morphs are located in the bodies of the capes.

The boots include morphs to change the shape of, and eliminate the decorative trim at their top. They also include a morph to eliminate their steel toe.

Capes are rigged for movement and also include additional movement morphs to help facilitate posing.

The cape and cowl combo contains fifteen style morphs for the mask which allow you to obtain looks both familiar and original.

Where needed adjustment morphs are also included. Hide morphs are available for M4?s body to allow the threat of poke through to be eliminated entirely. You will likely have to use these hides to avoid poke-through on Michael?s inner thighs.

Materials are also included for the fibermesh hair figure. This is not dynamic hair. The fibermesh hair works ?texture free? and renders quicker than transparency mapped hair. Each strand has its own geometry.

Materials are designed for Poser use. Product not tested in Daz Studio.


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