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“Ah, Kirga,” Grella smiled, “always right to the point. The group that we have been tracking has taken up lodging somewhere in the town of Krenholm, in the valley below this ridge. The town is walled, and moderately secure which suggests there could some resistance to a full on attack. I am sending the four of you down to infiltrate the town, find the human girl who we have been tracking and by whatever means necessary, retrieve from her the key in her possession.” From behind her studded metal mask, the muffled voice of Kirga replied, “And what of the dwarvez she travels with?? gingerly stroking the hoop in the pommel of her sword as she spoke.
“Make an example of them,” said Grella. “Kill them all, and hang the bodies just outside the gates of the town. Once I have the key in hand, we loot the city, then burnt it to the ground.”

Courtesy of Dave Harley

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