Glass Gambit: Chess Set and Shader Presets for DAZ Studio

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Set includes a beautiful glass chess set, 70 faceted glass shaders and a 360 enviroment with 5 material presets.

Chess set includes all the pieces and a board that you can load individual or as a scene preset with the pieces already parented to the board.

Shaders are broken into two sets. The first 40 are regular single color glass shaders. The second group of shaders has alternate colors for part of the specularity and will give you a more fantasy feel. All of the shaders were created to be simple and easy to use and quick to render.

We also are including a short PDF so that you don’t need to struggle to get good renders. It gives a short overview of how to use the parts of the product and how what you need to do in your scene to have beautiful glass.

This product includes:

1 DSON Core Installer



Buffalo Scout
Drone Eye

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