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Gisela Hair is a morphing/conforming hair for V4,A4,G4,K4, and Cookie.

With a classic bob look, exaggerated full strands, long and short morphs, themed mats for the headband, you can find a plethora of uses for this hair.

Morphs included are: AllLong, AllShort, BangsForward, BangsLong, BangsShort, BottomWide, FluffBangs, FluffUp, FrontLong, LeftForward, LeftWind, RightForward, RightWind, ShowLCheek, ShowRCheek, SidesWiden, SplitBangsLeft, SplitBangsRight.

Works in DS very well.

Included :
1 V4 CR2 (Figure) and V4 OBJ with A4/G4 morphs
1 K4 CR2 (Figure) and K4 OBJ
1 Cookie CR2 (Figure) and Cookie OBJ
20 Mats for Headband
15 Mats for Hair
DS Mats included
Templates included


Whisper Hair For V4 And A4
Modern School Uniform

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