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Adorable Gioia, the italian name for Joy, she has sparkles in her eyes and a passion for dancing! Gioia loves butterflies and she likes to chase them in her magic garden pretending to fly with them to the clouds. Her fantasies are endless and her smile will conquer every soul, this child is tender and funny and ready to play in your Runtime. Two different MAT options are included, with or without sub surface scattering, cutom head morph created to give you a high level of realism. The head morph can be used also on a basic K4, but you’ll need the morphs++ for the body injection morphs. We created two different body morphs, to have a natural and a more round version of her. Several smart props are included for both her body types.

In this package you’ll find:

– INJ Gioia Head
– REM Gioia Head
– INJ Gioia Body 1
– REM Gioia Body 1
– INJ Gioia Body 2
– REM Gioia Body 2
– MAT Normal
– 3 MAT Body
– 3 MAT Body SSS
– 5 MAT Face
– 5 MAT Face SSS
– 4 Eye colors
– 4 Eye colors SSS
– 5 MAT Lips
– 5 MAT Lips SSS
– 4 MAT Nail Colors

Plus a set of smart props:

– Crown
– Ribbon Body 1
– Ribbon Body 2
– Skirt Body 1
– Skirt Body 2
– Top Body 1
– Top Body 2

Each smart prop comes with several MAT options:

– 5 MAT Crown
– 5 MAT Ribbon
– 5 MAT Skirt
– 5 MAT Top

Product Requirements: Poser any version, K4 and morphs++, a Pc

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    Fantasy Angel

    October 22, 2012

    Love her, I had it in my wish list to get, Thanks 🙂

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    October 24, 2012

    She’s a sweetie. Thank you

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