GI Combat Gear-M3_Vietnam

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* A complete ALICE Web System conforming figure with morphs to match these on M3.
* M1 Helmet conforming figure and smart propped helmet band.
* Combat Pack and rolled up poncho.
* Ammo Pouches for the 20 and 30 rounds rifle magazines.
* Ammo Pouch for pistol magazine.
* Water Canteen.
* First Aid Pouch.


* USAR_15A1 Assault Rifle, fully posable, with morphing sling.
* 1911A1 Automatic Pistol, fully posable and holster with morphs.
* M9 Bayonet and sheath.
* Spare 20 and 30 rounds magazines for the rifle.
* Spare magazine for the pistol.
* M61 fragmentation grenade, fully posable.
* M67 fragmentation grenade, fully posable.
* M18 smoke grenade, fully posable.
* Spare 5.56 cartridge for rifle.
* Spare .45 cartridge for pistol.
* Ejecting shells for rifle and pistol.


* GI Dog Tags.
* Cigarette Pack (4 brands), morphing.
* Lit Cigarette, morphing.
* Unlit Cigarette.
* Gun Oil Bottle.
* Wrist Watch with morphing bracelet.

* MAT poses are provided for easy change of materials and for hiding/revealing parts.
* Poses for easy setup of weapons and M3 character.
* Hand poses.

Character and uniform are not included in this package.

Most of this stuff is smart propped to either the gear or the character and contains useful morphs.
Highly detailed textures are provided and more are scheduled to be released as freebies.


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