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The QuadSpinner Foundry has produced another collection of texture-rich, earthen materials. GeoAffinity, the next generation of the popular Mineral Infinity, will anchor your scenes with superb mineral coloration and elaborate infinite detail. These materials are highly versatile as well, allowing you to easily adjust them to support your image. Ideal for HyperTerrains, canyons, cliffs, and other-worldly terrains.

GeoAffinity integrates even more:

– Signature QuadSpinner MetaNodes for effortless manipulation
– Unique colors that can be modified with the Tincture MetaNode*
– The opportunity to mix two or more materials, as a Mixed Material or Layers, for even broader possibilities
*A new addition to QuadSpinner’s soon-to-be-released Material Development Kit (MDK)

Lavaline – This premium material resembles crusty charred igneous rock on blood sandstone. Ferrous metal veins add intricate and sweeping texture.

Erionite – The deep dusky tones of this desert clay are punctuated by trace pockets of loose sand. Excellent for river beds and banks, wet or dry. Imagine it mixed with Verdisium!

Gozoid – Multicolored clay deposits give a unique quality to this material’s blonde limestone base. Underlying layers of dark sandstone peer through the surface.

Verdisium – The rich green and mustard tones make this material perfect for aged rocks in cascading streams, waterfalls, and other marine environments, where moss and algae flourish.

Harmatome – This exquisitely colored desert rock is inspired by Navajo sandstone. The crumbly clay crust captures the look of a windswept surface eroded over time.

Maizite – This golden ochre material, infused with magnesium and sulfur, will brightly glow in the atmosphere at any hour of the day. Simply beautiful!

Gismondine – The giant composites of mixed marble that comprise this unusual material create a smooth exterior in places. A solid deep mauve shade contrasted with delicate white icing.

Selenium – Fool?s gold! These deep colored minerals, aubergine hues with saffron marbling, gain texture from exposed pyrite lines.

Antimony – This light gray material, dusted with chalk, is made from general silicate mineral deposits with fragments of gypsum. Very versatile.


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