Genesis Sabbatic Goat

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An ancient mythical beast, a creature of great wisdom and power. Both good and evil at the same time. This is a huge pack, with a fully customized shape for genesis that has over 30 JCMs to smooth out all those difficult bends, this shape really pushes Genesis to new heights. He’s a big improvement on the original poser version. With a massively powerful body, Displacement maps to pop those veins out and a blend of textures that give him a half man half beast look.

He has a unique set of Horns for the Face, Jaw and Head. The Head Horns have a great array of morphs with 3 sets of horns in one so you can create many different styles.

One of the big features is the 5 Special Conforming Fur pieces for the Back/Head, Legs, Chest/Arm Pits, Nose/Ears/Face and even a Beard with 6 morphs to make your own style. I have also included a Lite version of the leg fur to help the less powerful computers get over any difficulties loading all the meshes. There is also 10 mat presets for the fur.

There’s also a Loincloth with full weight mapping and pose controls, plus 6 mat presets.

A winged skull staff with morphs to lengthen and shorten the rod plus scale morphs for the wings.

There are 10 great poses which include 3 with the staff. Four hand poses for each side.

The mat set for the Sabbatic Goat are orange, black, red and light-orange and there are fur mats to match them.

There are many more features but I think the promo pictures will say the rest. He be a great addition to your fantasy and monster collection.





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    July 10, 2013

    Thanks a lot Abe, I’m looking for this for a quite time. 😀

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