Genesis Eyebrows

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While the eyes are the windows of the soul, the eyebrows are what express what the soul has to say!

Genesis Eyebrows gives you the ability extend your figures’ looks by putting a conformer over the Genesis figure. Apply your skin texture to the Genesis Figure, and then the same texture to the Genesis Eyebrows. The conformer takes skin from the forehead and the Mats then blend the skin and apply your new brow.

While we expect limitations with skins that use shadowing on the underbrow or have makeup or have painted hair on the forehead, it will work for many of your skins. It is also meant to work for medium to long shots which generally has great use in a large percentage of illustrations and other CG work. You may only get one brow with most skins. Now with Genesis Eyebrows you can pick and choose among several to change the look of your figure.

Twelve pairs of brows that are feminine and a different twelve with masculine heaviness. There is a variety of colors and variations.

Melite Hair
Shadowborn for M4


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