Gargoyle Hound

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The Gargoyle Hound is a rare and mysterious creature from unknown origins. It’s tremendous size and petrifying gaze are among the last things anyone ever sees. Seldom seen in Daylight, the Gargoyle Hound stalks its prey at night catching them unaware with its patient stone-like stillness. Very few have ever survived an encounter, giving rise to myths and legends. Little is known about the number of breeds across the world, but all agree that remote places near cliffs and great heights should be traveled with the greatest of caution.


This file has been sent by the user Desert Rat (US), thank him for it.

'Demon Dogs' for the Gargoyle Hound
Ultimate Modular Mecha Kit


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    April 26, 2013

    cool…thank you DesertRat n Agata

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