Garden of Wonder

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Whimsical and light-hearted set focused around huge, magical flowers and a gated path through the mushroom trees.

Walk through the wrought-iron gates and be exposed to a fantastical garden filled with unseen wonders. A dreamy path leads to a fabulous granite staircase cut into the hill. Pass through the moving doors of the gate to ascend up the hill through the mushroom tree forest. Don’t forget to stop and talk with the roses along way!
Gorgeous high-quality details are found throughout the individual props to bring realism to the fantasy scenes.

You get:

03 Preloads
01 Gate
01 Ground
01 Stairpath
01 Curved Wall
04 Flowers – Iris, Rose, Pansy, Rose with Face
05 Mushroom Trees
02 Column Bushes
07 Camera Settings

Colorful Additional Textures:

06 Iris mats & mc6
06 Pansy mats & mc6
07 Rose mats & mc6
07 Rose with Face mats & mc6
07 Mushroom Tree (01-05) mats & mc6
(each tree has uniquely colored textures as part of the color themed set)


Shabby Chic Rose Decor
Pure Render Lights 6.0


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