Galadrel Hair For V4 And A4

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Galadrel Hair is a hair model for Victoria 4 and Aiko 4 (using the fit morph included), 20 mat poses for the hair, and 92 morphs to adjust and move it easily. The number of morphs added (adjustment, elf ears, breasts, shoulders, movement, all back, wind…) give you freedom and ease of use.

Timeless, customizable, and easy to use, perfect for fantasy, casual, pinup, warriors…

This Pack includes:
– Hair figure for Victoria 4 and Aiko4, conforms to movement of head and neck, plus leaves you control the position of the rest, giving you maximum control and ease of use

– The morphs can position the hair to almost any pose, due to the quantity of morphs added
– Elf ears morph can adapt the hair to almost any elven ears of any character. Get a hair for all your elves and fairies!
– Fit_Others and Ear_Area_Fix morphs allow to adapt the hair to characters with strange heads or wide cheekbones or ear area
– Breasts morphs allow you to use big breasts with this hair
– Adjust_Clothes morphs allow you to separate the hair from the clothes to make it fit ok
– You can pose all the hair to back in the left and right sides independently, so one group of the front strands and braid can be in the chest, and the other to the back

– Highly customizable through the use of 92 morphs included
– Morphs are located in 18 categories for easy use: Fit, Fit_Others, Ear_Area_Fix, Elf_Ears, Breasts, Shoulders_Adjust, Clothes_Fit, Middle_Adjust, Length_Fix, Move_Groups, Move_Ends, Mess_Ends, Widen_Ends, Braids, Bangs, All_Back, Wind, Hairline

– 20 hair mat poses: bright natural colors, and fantasy colors

– Zero morphs icon to easily reset all hair morphs to zero

– Render settings and instructions in JPG to enter them for Poser and Daz Studio

Morphs list:
All_Front, AllShl_In, AllShl_Up, Back_Center, Back_L, Back_R, L_Front, LShl_In, LShl_Up, R_Front, RShl_In, RShl_Up, Fit_Aiko4, L_ShrinkIn, R_ShrinkIn, Breasts_Diameter, Breasts_Size, L_MoveIn, R_MoveIn, E_Back_Left, E_Back_Out, E_Back_Right, E_L_Front, E_L_In, E_L_Out, E_R_Front, E_R_In, E_R_Out, Back_Left, Back_Out, Back_Right, L_MoveFront, L_MoveOut, R_MoveFront, R_MoveOut, L_AllBack, R_AllBack, Breasts_Large, Back_Longer, Back_Shorter, L_Longer, L_Shorter, R_Longer, R_Shorter, LBangs_Front, LBangs_In, LBangs_Long, LBangs_Out, LBangs_Short, RBangs_Front, RBangs_In, RBangs_Long, RBangs_Out, RBangs_Short, Nipple, Head_Bigger, Head_Top, Hairline_Low, Hairline_Out, Hairline_Raise, BBraid_Left, BBraid_Out, BBraid_Right, LBraid_Front, LBraid_In, LBraid_Out, RBraid_Front, RBraid_In, RBraid_Out, Mess_Back, Mess_Left, Mess_Right, L_Widen, R_Widen, Back_Widen, Back_ForClothes, Front_ForClothes, Collarbone, EarHairOut, EarHairRootIn, Elf_Ears, ExpandOnEarsides, ToEarsFix, Back_ToBack, Back_ToLeft, Back_ToRight, L_ToFront, L_ToIn, L_ToOut,
R_ToFront, R_ToIn, R_ToOut

Poser 6 and up, or DS3 and up.
This hair is for Victoria 4. You can use it with Aiko 4 too (optional)
PC Compatible. Not tested in Mac.



MDD Jasmena for V4.2
Dollz Kichi


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