G2MA Mobile Armor (for Poser)

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The G2MA is a science fiction kit primarily for the G2 female figures (Sydney, Jessi and Olivia). It consists of two parts: the G2MA Mobile Armor and the G2MA Pilot Suit. The armor is fully jointed and the lid/hatch on the hull/chest can open and close using a single dial. Poses and instructions are included to easily place the pilot in the armor.

The G2MA is sold with two different texture sets, one for a brand new machine and one for units that have seen their share of combat action.

What’s included?
The G2MA Mobile Armor.
Two different texture sets: New and Scarred.
Three different poses for the armor.
The G2MA Pilot Suit.
All the poses you need to correctly place the pilot in the driver’s seat and eliminate poke-through problems.
Recommended for use in Poser 6 and above.

G2MA Mobile Armor Expansion Set (for Poser)
Upgrade your G2MA Mobile Armor with this free and versatile expansion set. The shoulder mounted Rocket Launcher and Plasma Cannon will provide additional fire power while the Divide-and-conquer Saw Arm will increase your close combat capabilities. The new jungle camouflauge provides stronger protection while the additional 360 degree Agressor head silently scans the surroundings for incoming hostiles.
This product requires the previous purchase and installation of the G2MA Mobile Armor (for the G2 female figures).
Recommended for use in Poser 6 and above.



G2MA Mobile Armor (V3/ V4) (for Poser)
Irish Pack for Poser 6 Jessi

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