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FX Layers is an easy-to-use system for adding special effects to your Poser renders… without leaving Poser!

It is designed to allow you to construct your own effects by using three parallel layer “Planes”, each of which can have color textures and effect transparencies applied. The effects are basically stacked to be used as a building system.

FX Layers’ Material folders provide a step-by-step process for constructing effects: Select an effect, select a color and then connect the nodes, all with Python-enhanced Material Files.

Enhanced Material files are also provided for performing extra tricks, such as increasing or reducing the Ambient “Glow” and changing the Opacity of the effects.

Each individual FX “Plane” can be rotated, scaled or moved easily and in fact, you can transform them in a variety of ways without leaving the “BODY” of the figure! There are even dials to shuffle the planes by Translation or Scaling.


FX Layers Figure (Articulate Prop) consisting of multiple Planes or “Layers”.
Low on System Resources!
Contains Helpful Modeled Guides for setting up the Figure visually.
Movement, Rotation and Scale can be controlled for ALL Planes via the Figure’s BODY.
Dials are Logically Grouped.
Step-by-Step Setup by using numbered Material Library folders.
One-Hundred Thirty-Six (136) Color Patterns. 15 Full Colors with variations.
Fifty-Seven (57) Individual Effects: Flares, Glows, Plasmas, Rings and Whirls.
Plenty of Extras: Change Opacity, Ambient “Glow” and perform other quick settings.

Poser only


My Little Garden - Tree N Bench
Kiki Elfish


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    October 27, 2012

    This is GREAT, I love to put FX in my renders!

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    Honey Badger

    October 27, 2012

    This looks like it has some really cool details and I am a big fan of details. Thanks, Blazer. Looks like fun. 😀

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