Fw’s Styles for DZ Fashion Set 7

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FW’s Styles for DZ Fashion Set 7 is an extremely versatile texture set for the DZ DZ Fashion Set 7 by dzheng. The idea behind these textures was to give variety and to bring some ?mix and match” to your runtime. I didn?t want to create a add-on set, where you will have it all matching, but instead have it much more real life where you mix and match things as you like, therefore giving you 100s of different choices. After all most of us guys don’t buy sets, we buy what we like usually… plus how many of us think the floor is a good enough wardrobe… so some mixing is always good, right. 😉

Plus how often in real life have you found the perfect top to go with the perfect pants just to find that somehow the buttons don’t work (or maybe that’s just me), well with this set, that’s easy changed, the buttons can be changed to any of 5 options, and to make it even more versatile, you can even change the thread colours, giving your character the unique look every time.

FW’s Styles for DZ Fashion Set 7 as been designed for use in Poser 6 or higher and D/S 2 and up.
This package has been tested in both Poser and DAZ Studio (Genesis and M4 version tested).

FW’s Styles for DZ Fashion Set 7 Includes:

17 Top Textures
Plus 8 Inner Top options

7 Pants Textures
Plus 5 Buttons options
Plus 6 Buttons Thread options

8 Belt Textures
Plus 4 Buckle options

9 Slipper Textures
Plus 7 Sole options
Plus 6 Threads options

Required: Link to post:
DZ Fashion7 for M5 Genesis http://3d-stuff.ru/dz-fashion7-for-m5-genesis/



Simply Hands Genesis V5
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