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The Evil Charmed sisters, are not sisters by blood, well not family blood that is, but because they all got the same “mother”. These women used to be powerful witches, good witches, until they were turned into Vampires, and lost their souls. Since then their aim was it to bring down all which is good in this world, and can come in some very convincing “good girl” disguises. All three sisters, Xue-Lan, Rosalyn and Dolores have been created using matching make ups so you can have a truly “sisterly” experience with them– See bottom of page for all three girls.

** Please view the “Editorial Tab” for more details, close ups, promotional credits and render information.

Xue-Lan (Blood Orchid) is a very versatile pale-skinned oriental gothic vampire character for Victoria 4.2, and requires the V4 Morphs++.

Whether you are looking for an evil vampire lady, a gorgeous oriental young woman, or just the girl next door, Rosalyn can help you find the perfect look for any occasion. There are options to remove her fangs, change her eyes back to “normal”, even remove her long nails. You even get your own set of claws with her. She comes with 4 different base skins. For Poser there is a normal Poser mat and a high quality SSS mat, And for D/S, there is a normal D/S mat and a very high quality HSS mat.

Xue-Lan for V4 has been designed for use in Poser 6 or higher and D/S 2 and up.

This package has been tested in both Poser and DAZ Studio.

Xue-Lan Includes:

Fangs REM
Nipple REM
Genitals REM
Eyes OFF
Nails Short

4 Base MATs:
Poser Base MAT
Poser SSS MAT (Poser 9 and up)
DAZ HSS MAT (D/S 3 and up)

19 different Makeup options (for each MAT option):
1 Default
2 Eyeliner only
16 different Eye Makeup options
Plus remove makeup option

10 Lip colour options (for each MAT option)

10 different Finger Nail options (for each MAT option):
9 different Nail colour options
Plus remove nail colour option

8 different Toe Nail options (for each MAT option):
7 different Nail colour options
Plus remove nail colour option

6 different Eyelash options (for each MAT option):
Default (Black, Blood and Red)
Thick (Black, Blood and Red)

14 Eye colour options (for each MAT option)
Plus a black Lacrimal add and remove option

4 Body Tattoos options (for each MAT option):
All individually applicable or in full
Plus remove options for each

Plus as a BONUS you also get a great Second Skin/Lingerie options
(for each MAT option):
All options come with or without Tattoos
Plus remove options


SV7 Emelia Frost
OBLIQUE for Ava Adore by Alfaseed

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