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Dan is a high quality character, expressions and accessory set for Michael 6 for use in DAZ Studio 4.6 and up and Poser 9 and up.

He can be “Private Dan,” “Dan the Man,” the guy next door, a werewolf, a vampire, a goth …. the options are endless.

The heads are uniquely custom sculpted in Zbrush using a real life person for references, and the skin was created using high quality photo references for depth and detail. There is also an morph injection for the genitals. Not only does he come as a human version, with a pale and tanned skin, he also has a second head, custom sculpted ears, fangs, eyes and claws to make him into a werewolf. No extra morphs are needed for the two heads, but he’ll need Michael 6 and the Genesis 2 Male Body Morphs for the body to work.

The human version comes with three base mats (DAZ Studio, DAZ Studio SSS and Poser SSS) for each version, pale and tanned skin, six natural eyes, two beard versions for each skin type, as well as a no beard option, a shaved chest version and a full tattooed body option. The werewolf version comes with three base mats (DAZ Studio, DAZ Studio SSS and Poser SSS) for each version, pale and black skin, six fantasy eyes (including glow-in-the dark versions), five Nail color options and a full tattooed body option. Both human and werewolf version have genital mats as well.

Dan also comes with 10 custom “mix and match” expressions, which are organized in three folders (FullFace, UpperFace, and LowerFace). You can apply a full face expression, or make your own mixing the upper and lower face partials. This gives you more possibilities: change your idea on the go, leave the lips that you like and choose different eyes for the expression, use the parts of the expressions that you like more, or even choose similar partials to subtly change the mouth or eyes in an animation, just like what happens in real life. Although they were made especially for Michael 6, they also work on Genesis 2 Male(s), and figures based on him.

And if that isn’t enough, also included are a set of dog tags, a cool and fashionable watch and a set diamond ear studs. This gives you even more versatility. Now you can dress him up to your liking, add a bit of bling and he’s ready to go to boot camp or out on the town.

While all accessories are designed with Dan in mind, they will work on all M6 and Genesis 2 Male characters.


Proton-5 Multibot
Staircase and Hallway by 3-D-C

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