Furniture Set Two, Bed

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is what is included with the set ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1 Post Bed with a morph for the Post Heights

and morphs for the elevation of the 3 different Finials

37 Hide Show Poses including 4 Different Comforter Poses

Each of the 8 Curtains may be hidden or shown.

Also has 8 Extra props that might be used for Extra Pillows

Even has an Extra Sheet and Extra Comforter for those who want to try simulations in the Cloth Room

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Materials ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1 Default .mc6 to put back to original loading materials

15 Bed Frame Materials .mc6

8 Bed Skirt Materials .mc6

31 Comforter Materials .mc5

8 Curtains .mc6

82 Singles .mc6


All renders completed in Poser

All content by Dreamland Models and bagginsbill

Not tested in Daz Studio.


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Killer Expansion

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