Furniture Set One, Armoire

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This new line of Furniture Products, continues with the ARMOIRE along with the CHEST OF DRAWERS
It comes with 2 Separate Props and a huge amount of Material Options
This set contains very Special Materials called Distressed, as well as Used and New.
For those of you who like to customize materials, there are a few different controls over
the Age of the Furniture, as well as how abused it has become. You can even control the Depth and Width
of the scratches in the Furniture Finish.
The erosion setting gives you control over the age of the furniture due to High Humidity,
Heat and Cold which cause the Finish to Dull and Wear Off over time..The full range from brand new,
all the way back to very old, or very old and beat up and scratched.
This particular set, will also include the standard non distressed materials leaving you with
85 Preset Materials described below
The other sets will include new Materials in each new release, so if you collect them all,
you will end up with close to 200 hand crafted Materials created by the Master of Materials, bagginsbill.

Here is what is included with the set

1 ARMOIRE with morphs Drawers and Doors
1 CHEST OF DRAWERS with morphs for the Drawers


2 Default .mc6 to put back to original loading materials
85 Drawer Face Materials .mc6
25 Hardware Materials .mc6
95 Single Materials .mc5
85 Wood Shaders .mc6


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