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The furisode, whose name in Japanese means ?swinging sleeves,? is a long-sleeved robe or kimono. It has historically been the most formal garment worn by young single women, usually assumed on their twentieth birthday to indicate that they have come of age and can now be married. It may be worn at tea ceremonies or weddings, as well as to the coming of age party.

The furisode for Genesis and Genesis 2 Female comes in five parts (six, counting both obi):

The furisode itself: a very long robe or dress with very long sleeves. This set comes with extra bones in the sleeves and skirt area, morphs to help, and a full manual to help you get the best use of these features.

The obi: a long length of fabric wrapped about the midsection and tied with the obijime. This set contains both a traditional ?puffed swallow? design and a simpler bow, which can be expanded to a very large size for more stylized or anime renders. The underlayer visible at the top is a modern variation, and it can be hidden with an included morph for more historical renders.

The obijime: a cord that helps to secure the obi.

The tabi: this is a pair of close-fitting socks with a separate section for the big toe so that they can be worn with the zori.

The zori: a pair of flat sandals, not unlike a western flip-flop, but usually made of fine silk for the upper and padded silk or wood for the sole. Our zori come with variable sole thickness for more modern or more historical looks.

It is our intention to be as accurate and respectful as possible, amd we apologize in advance for any errors in presentation based on the limitations of our research.



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