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Here’s a set of forty one lush fur shaders for Daz Studio 3 and Poser. These shaders will let you transform plain clothing into luxurious furs, create instant second skin clothing including gloves and ugg boots, give your animal skins some help and add style, variety and depth to your renders. Furify presets range from lush mink, chinchilla, sable, marmot, red fox and mountain wolf skins to funky, silky faux furs along with several presets designed for you to add your own colour and textures.

And there are lizard and crocodile skins thrown in for good measure. A mixture of DS shader mixer and more traditional tiled textures, Furify will be the most useful shader set in your runtime. We would like to thank Pendraia, Syndaryl and yacomo for their work on the DS fur shader network on which many of these presets are based.


Daylight Studio For Poser 8


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    March 16, 2013

    Thanks! I’ve been looking for just this sort of item for some time ever since I got Powerage’s Winter 2007 coat.

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