Frida’s Gun Quetzalcoatl by Vampiros Hermosos

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Tired of evil vampires, zombies and mutants? Blow ?em away with this awesome new hand-cannon. Get Quetzalcoatl? by Mertext from Vampiros Hermosos, creators of the best-selling Vampire Frida?, and let a two-pound silver bullet do the talking.

?Okay, so there?s lots of things that go bump in the night, right? Trust me, mija, I know what I?m talking about. And you can?t always reason with them, or ask them to play nice. Sometimes you need a persuader, right?

I?ve got one. I call it ?Quetzalcoatl?, after an old, old friend of mine. It?s out of this world, literally. I mean it?s not of this Earth. Some out of town guests left it for me a long time ago. I couldn?t begin to tell you how or why it works, but it works. Shoots a single silver bullet, stops most unpleasantness cold. I never leave home without it.? – Frida

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