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?As a scientist at the government?s top-secret -deleted- laboratories in New Mexico, I believe I can speak with some authority about these wild stories of ?atomic mutated giant ants.?

They?re true! I?ve seen one!

It was a moonlit desert night. I was up on Las Hormigas Bluff, tracking Venus with my telescope. From the valley below, strange laughter. I turned my telescope, and a young woman appeared. At her side, a giant red ant!

She showed no fear. She spoke to it, in English and Spanish. It seemed to communicate with her, perhaps telepathically. It looked for all the world like a young woman out for an evening stroll with her dog, except the woman was blue, and the ?dog? had six legs, glistening razor-sharp mandibles and was the size of a Buick!

I must get word to Washington, beg President Eisenhower to stop the atom testing before it?s too late! Wait, who?s that at the door? Agghhh!? – Journal of Dr. Hans Von Feggener, final entry.

Get Frida?s Ant, Fernando? from Vampiros Hermosos?. This gorgeous all-new texture was created by The AntFarm for the amazing A-N Terra figure.

Try all the Vampiros Hermosos characters, and scare yourself silly!

This product requires:?A N Terra

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