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Foxy Boxing Returns with a vengeance! This enormous package features 260 total poses broken into seven categories, with bucketloads of brand new action as well as older poses combined with those from Darkworld’s collected Foxy Boxing products.

Foxy Boxing Complete breaks down as follows:

  • Face Off (40 Poses)
  • Attack – Headshot (50 Poses)
  • Attack – Illegal Hit (30 Poses)
  • Attack – Belly Punch (50 Poses)
  • Ground Fight (30 Poses)
  • Clinch (20 Poses)
  • Knockout (40 Poses)
  • Hand Poses (Right and Left Fist)
  • Utility Poses (Show/Remove Fingers, Reset Body Pose)

All poses will function perfectly with limits set to on OR off. The Body channel is not used, and a Reset Body Position pose is included. Whether you’ve purchased some, all or none of Darkworld Designs’ catfight pose packs in the past, Foxy Boxing Complete brings on the fisticuffs for your catfight sequences like never before! Foxy Boxing Complete was built with boxing gloves in mind, but will work just as well for bareknuckle contests with the included fist poses.


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