Forest Songs for V3

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ForestSongs for V3 and Autumn by HandspanStudios includes a long skirt and an over skirt using 4 bodyhandles, ghost thighs and shin morphs for easy posing as well as a top, belt and shawl. Use the handles for final positioning of the skirt and to eliminate any poke throughs.

Files included:

* V3FS_Belt.cr2, rsr and obj
* V3FS_Skirt.cr2, rsr and obj
* V3FS_SkirtOver.cr2, rsr and obj
* V3FS_Top.cr2, rsr and obj
* V3FS_TopOver.cr2, rsr and obj
* Morphs for V3 included in clothing:
o BreastSize 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
o Breast Natural
o Breast Cleavage
o Breast Lift
o Breast Raise
o Breast Rotate In
o Breast Rotate Up
o Barbarian 1
o Pinup
o Faerie
o Young
o Stomach In
o Tummy Out
o Waist Narrow
* Autumn version:
To use the Autumn version of the clothes you need Autumn by HandspanStudios.
* AutumnFS_Belt.cr2, rsr and obj
* AutumnFS_Skirt.cr2, rsr and obj
* AutumnFS_SkirtOver.cr2, rsr and obj
* AutumnFS_Top.cr2, rsr and obj
* AutumnFS_TopOver.cr2, rsr and obj
* 3 Texture sets with Matposes to apply the textures.

Product Requirements:?optional Autumn V3


i13 Club Apocalypse POSES
i13 Late Nights at CLUB APOCALYPSE

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