Fog Tool Deluxe III

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The Fog Tool Deluxe III is the best way to create atmospheric effects inside Poser and Studio!This powerful tool can be used to simulate a wide variety of atmospheric effects. It comes with poses and maps for many Fog Effects, Haze, Mist, Rain and Snow, even fire. The Fog Tool III even supports back lighting effects in Poser 5 and up.

The Fog Deluxe III includes powerful animation tools. Your atmospheric effects don’t need to be fixed. Breath life into your animations with living, moving atmospheric effects. A tutorial on creating animations with the Fog Tool is included as well as introductory and intermediate tutorials covering static effects.

The Fog Tool is not a one click item. As with photographing real atmospheric effects it will take some practice to get the lighting and fog setup just right, but the three included tutorials will make it a breeze!

'Blowin' in the Wind' Tool
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